Friday, April 07, 2006

SUSHI KING (06-04-2006)

yesterday (06/04) was de laz day of de sales for cheapest jz cost RM2.00 per plate..summore gotta discount n i went there afda our tuition..we tumpang our teacher's car to E-Gate's sushi king...we were v confused tat whether wanna tumpang his car afda he had shown us de "yangfang shuaifuai" face...haha...when we reached there at abt 1830..we reli ki kong..coz it's reli so many ppl crowded there..summore hafda registered our name til de uncle called us..

when we jz reached there..ting n hong went to register de name..there's so crowded..waiting n waiting..

bcoz of i had been ordered to but de pH5.5..tatz cost RM11.00 for twin packs..i decided to go tesco while we'd to wait for a long time...when we reached there..i saw tat one cost Rm6.49 i sms to ma sis..whether izit correct..then she replied, "not twin packs mer??dun wan d..den u go n c de sugar 1kg wan..if 2 la.." wahsai..tat time reli tot tat im maid..but i oso went to c..finally i found de sugar...i saw it ex than RM0.02..i sms her.."de sugar ex 0.02 wor..need to buy ar..but if buy de 2kg wan is more ex.."..blabla..finally i oso had bought de two pack of sugar...

dis is de pic tat we backed here afda tesco..

there's still so many ppl..suddenly ting told me.."he din write our name in.." piang..i wanna faint..but luckily they checked again n there's de name in his precious book...lolx..we waited kinda long time outside..coz de uncle let them go in 2 by 2..n we had 6persons..he said cant split..but it's unfair for last we had to go in when there's de table for 6persons...thx god!!tat time was 2000....

afda tat..we started to like de "hungry ghost"..we kept on take n take n take..bcoz it's so hard to wait for our turn..den..when de salmon came n hong decided to walked there de tray there to wait n start to "rampas"..hahaha...but de ting jz kept on saying.."there there there..tat wan..faster..."she jz sat there n kept on eating...beh tong nia..we haf eaten for many things..but i stil din eat de "prawn"..i want tat PRAWN!! argh.................half hour later..jayness was going back..n jz left 5 of us..we stil ate ate n ate..lik din eat b4...kinda funny...afda we had eaten til 2115..we decided to cap picz d...

i wanna cap maself n hong oso cap together...

next..wif ting....

next..cap group picz..

viewing de picz tat they cap jz now..

at last..less took pic wif ting cap now..haha

Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool Day

today..1 april fool day..but i din fool anyone..aikz..kinda 1st time i din fool anyone..kinda beh shiok..ishh..okok..start to say out wat happen today..i woke up at 0930..coz 1030 hafta go for de piano lesson..den afda de lesson i'll go to one stop to meet ting them at pop to buy books at 1145 lidat..den straightly went back to ting's hse to haf our tuition..ok..1145 bro fetch me knew he still hafta fin his work 1st den jz fetch me there..ok lo..i jz hafta followed him..den ting ler do keep on sms-ing me ask me whether wanna watch movie "im not stupid 2"..coz de tuition cancel d..den i dunno how to tell ma bro coz i wana go i con last i told ma bro to drop me off at gp..n borrowed RM50 from him..coz i din bring any..kinda bhs..summore i jz wore slippers..kinda weird when i saw ma frenz all wear those shoes..jz me!!aikz..but i din reli care for it..finally..i reached gp d..tat time was 1315 lidat..they were having their nice lunch at Kim Gary..when i went there..sum had oledi fin it..n i jz wanna ordered ma Chicken Chop Cheese Rice..tatz reli nice..afda tat..ting keep said wanna go to toilet..coz those food was stuck btw de teeth n de wire there..v san fu wan..afda tat..we went to cinema d..our movie started at 1435..went to toilet again before enter de cinema..
*important part*
we entered de cinema d..start to enjoy de first..itz kinda funny..everyone noes..when de movie went through til de middle gam tong parts r coming out..sum start to cry..tatz jz beside me..3 at ma right cry til de tissue tat brought oso used fin.. summore cried til lik a "bao" face damn red..beh ki la..den sat at ma left side wan ler..oso cried..summore ask back for her tissue..but oledi let them used fin..beh tong nia..i jz drop sum tears..n i jz noticed de Tom..coz i owayz think cum he bcum so yeng..tall n handsome huh..haha..TOM!!
jz stop here..i lazy to con d..wanna slip d..n finally..i haf updated ma blog!!yeah
u guyz nonit to c de geli pic d..haha
huifui chingfing nifi bufu yongfong kanfan daofao nafa zhangfang zhaofao pianfian lefe..haha

Friday, March 17, 2006

de worst days in ma life in 2006!!

13/03/2006 & 14/03/2006
guess wat?!these two dayz let me lost 4 of ma teeth..itz kinda suffer n hurt when i felt de teeth was gone from ma it made me cried..jz cried when i walked in de room n sat on de feel jz made me..continue crying..i dunno y..
dis is de pic tat first day pulled off 2 of ma blood..yuckz..kinda..geli..

c..afda pulling off 4 of ma 1st time i cap without closing ma mouth..bcum teethless may!

tatz wat i wanna say now..dunno wat to write nemore..if reli bored n when i get worn de braces jz cap n update dis blog again..ting la..din gif me all de disc..i cant con watching de devil beside you..haihz.........................................