Wednesday, April 28, 2010


赏了我们一些固本 - 2张RM10 KFC/PizzaHut/Ayamas vouchers & 2 GSC tickets
envelope of the vouchers


another bottle of vitagen ^^

another option that I choose for the RM2..
eat the MiMi when I feel sleepy..haha

Monday, April 19, 2010

Into Intel Program

I attended IIP today
it's an orientation for new hire
we had to try knowing each other through activities
the Instuctor - Peter Lee had gone thru the slides with us and they are all about the history, values and why are we choosing Intel
After lunch, continue the class and had to play a game, which was related to Intel as well
our group was the last group to hand in the answer sheet
and yet we were the winner in the competition ^^
the orientation ended at about 4
since it's still early so i went back to lab
jz logging on my pc
colleague said meeting but actually it's tea time
and we're (shud be they) eating diff types of chips
it's abt 5 something when we're back to the lab
doing a course through web for while then went back at 6 lo

the gift - call wipe cleaner for keypad?

there are some pics that showing my working environment

my desk

Monday, April 12, 2010


before 8am I'd reached Intel
I did not late for the first day!
but im waiting there until 940
and a guy -Kenneth picked me up at last
so the first thing i learnt in my first day is "be patient"
then he brought me to the lab n showed me where is my seat
brought me walking around and introduced those colleague to me
We'd lunch together at Snake Temple
one of the benefits being the staff in Intel is getting RM2 for food everyday
so I can get 2 bottles of vitagen everyday =)
after lunch, attended a meeting at 1pm
knowing the progress of the department..introducing myself
and I get my own desktop after the meeting
jz sign up for the new hire staff things
430pm I attended another meeting for project team
back at around 6pm
and I jz knew that the office hour is actually 7-530 for mon-thurs and fri is jz working for half day..till 1pm...hahahah..shioknya time to rest..
shared Hoegaarden with mum before sleeping