Friday, March 17, 2006

de worst days in ma life in 2006!!

13/03/2006 & 14/03/2006
guess wat?!these two dayz let me lost 4 of ma teeth..itz kinda suffer n hurt when i felt de teeth was gone from ma it made me cried..jz cried when i walked in de room n sat on de feel jz made me..continue crying..i dunno y..
dis is de pic tat first day pulled off 2 of ma blood..yuckz..kinda..geli..

c..afda pulling off 4 of ma 1st time i cap without closing ma mouth..bcum teethless may!

tatz wat i wanna say now..dunno wat to write nemore..if reli bored n when i get worn de braces jz cap n update dis blog again..ting la..din gif me all de disc..i cant con watching de devil beside you..haihz.........................................