Friday, May 18, 2012


在还未踏上我人生中的另一阶段时 我想衷心地感谢曾出现在我身边的朋友 首先,我要谢谢那些费尽心思逗我开心的 还有和我一起聊八卦的朋友 在我很情绪化,笑不出的时候 你们也好像很压力似的 想尽办法让我开心,谢谢 是你们让我的读书生涯活得精彩! 此外,我也想谢谢那些存心陷害我的 是你们让我尝试被杯葛的滋味 是你们让我知道在我身边的 谁是朋友谁是双面人 让我体会不同的人生经验,谢啦! 最后,我更要感谢在我失落 听我诉苦和给我建议的朋友 聊了聊,心情缓和了许多 很庆幸身边还有知心朋友 谢谢你们,爱我的每个人! 好啦,在此祝各位拥有美好的未来 :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Special day

29 Feb 2012, quite a special day, once in every 4 years
Thus, I feel that I have to blog something now :)
Just start to talk about my recent activities
I'm still attending a short course and It's about to end
Learn a lot in these days and the skill is important
Future would be super duper bright if I could master on it
Have a target now but dunno whether I could achieve it
Of course I would try my very best to get it :)
Okay..that is it! more thing to be shared
Movie--> This Means War
Quite a nice movie which shows the relationship and friendship btw a woman with two men which are friends
It's a recommended movie from me :)