Monday, May 24, 2010

Team Building --> Pantai Kerachut

Last thursday, my team organized a team building to Pantai Kerachut

Group photo
Starting point

another group photo

they'd climbed to the 1st resting point..and waiting for us..

finally we reached (as some of u know, I seldom exercise ^^)

a long bridge..geli
reach the Pantai..some are just starting to have their breakfast

the scenaries~

I like the cloud

a photographer (one of the managers) said this pose is a must at beach

nice jumping =)

playing this..called..??
the two photographers are capturing while we're playing

time for lunch

There are GAME sessions after lunch
my group's name is TWO TWO (22)
group photo of mine..

the 1st session: fashion design
actually the game planners had already given us the theme(male-cowboy style, female-gown), we didn't listen carefully and thinking another theme ourselves
the planning phase~
while the other two are busy designing and cutting
(McDonalds group)
(Loser group)
finally we started
McD's design

Loser's design
he's busying with his

Two Two's design
he's explaining the design

2nd session: act and guess without speaking

3rd session: passing rubber band through a straw

4th session: hard to's about QUEUE

After that, we took a short rest as we ended the games earlier
most of them had already laid down

While waiting boat to fetch us back to the National Park,
we went to have a look on the little turtles

waiting for the boat..
some group photos before back


the rock looks alike with crocodile
after that, we're separated into two groups
one was going back to their homes
and another one, which was us, planned to have dinner at teluk bahang
tasting the seafood
hmm..the food was just OK..
the next day, we went to Neway as we're just working for half day ^^

~ A happening week for me~