Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The 38 day~~

long time din update ma blog im coming back now..

today was ma lucky they said..when we get de tickets n add de numbers up..if we can get de total of 21 den we're very lucky d..n i was getting de ticket!!hahaha..but actually im oledi late for ma tutorial class abt 10mins..

afda my IT rushing to library to meet ma 38 gang-->ting..poh..eve..tat time was oledi 5pm..we decided to go to Carrefour to post out things back to penang n buy some groceries...den we took a taxi to our destination...when we r on da way to Carrefour..all of us were oledi hungry..n decided to have pizza as our dinner..afda we'd reached there..we hurried to de post office n afda tat..we're finding de PIZZAHUT..who whole Carrefour doesn't haf PIZZAHUT..we walked for 800m n finally reach tat PIZZAHUT...

we'd ordered de meals..while waiting..we started our 38 attitude...capturing photos......



eve's eating n drinking style...remaining sweet style..

poh's style..drinking style muk muk tuk tuk wan..

ting's pong..aiyoyo..drink till her specs oso dropped..

 turn..i dun lik to drink with glass..i prefer jar..

oh..capturing me come fin eating d still capture me??

"ho...capture me.."

she's promoting tomato sauce..

don't!!but she reli likes tomato sauce damn much..cant stop her..

"i like cheese.."

oh..full d...can pay d..oh..RM50..


on de way to Carrefour..aiyo..ah poh acts cute..

tat's all for's late..slip 1st..nitez everyone....